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RCMP Support Pin

RCMP Support Pin

    RCMP Support Pin

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    The Mountie Shop in Partnership with the RCMP Foundation Unveil the RCMP Support Ribbon

    “I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people” Maya Angelou

    Every day, brave RCMP Officers put their badges on, knowing they may face dangerous situations while carrying out their duties. It’s hard to express the feelings of gratitude we have when we think of the RCMP and the dedication they have towards the communities and the country they are committed to serving.

    It is with a great sense of pride that The Mountie Shop and the RCMP Foundation unveil an RCMP Support Ribbon to recognize and show appreciation of these courageous men and women who protect and serve our great Nation day after day.

    “Together, we can wear the ribbon as a show of respect, thankfulness and honour” Monica Allen, Member of the Spouses of the RCMP

    In recognition of the RCMP the Support Ribbon adorns the official RCMP colours, the iconic Stetson, and the words “Red Serge Proud”.

    Pete MacCormack, The Mountie Shop “This ribbon reminds everyone how much RCMP Officers matter, show your support for Canada’s heroes by wearing the RCMP Support Ribbon”

    The RCMP Support Ribbon will be available for purchase through The Mountie Shop and the proceeds collected through the sale of the ribbon will go towards the RCMP Remembrance Fund.

    Background Information:

    Back in January, Monica Allen, member of the Spouses of the RCMP, reached out to the RCMP Foundation about creating a Support Ribbon that is specific to the RCMP and can be worn in a show of respect, thankfulness, and honour.

    RCMP spouses, family and friends, know too well the sorrow and loss felt across their community when a tragedy strikes. They appreciate that the RCMP Officer they call husband, mom, son…will live each day fully prepared to lay down their lives for any given stranger at any given moment. They understand that same RCMP Officer spends countless hours away from their own family to help protect yours and mine. They also feel the heartbreak when a mourning ribbon is worn, the blue and black Police and Peace Officer’s Memorial Ribbon is a reminder of the hard times ahead.

    The Spouses of the RCMP are a dedicated group, most uprooting their lives to follow their husbands and wives; together, they exchange stories, offer support, and comfort those who share in the same adventures. It is with this spirit of community that the Spouses of the RCMP contacted the RCMP Foundation and expressed a need for a support ribbon that everyone can wear to show their solidarity and appreciation towards the RCMP no matter what the circumstance or situation.

    To help with Monica’s project, the RCMP Foundation reached out to The Mountie Shop to facilitate the development of the RCMP Support Ribbon. In a candid conversation with The Mountie Shop, Monica shared an especially difficult occasion to help explain the need for an RCMP support ribbon. She talked about how high emotions can be when incidents occur and how quickly the information can be shared throughout the RCMP community.

    She went on to tell The Mountie Shop about a specific event that happened on January 17, 2014. An armed man in St. Albert shot and injured two Members of the RCMP. She explains that “at the time of the shooting, much speculation was circulating” not knowing the details of what had transpired, she along with the RCMP community waited for additional information pertaining to the incident. As they waited, some RCMP Spouses shared the blue and black Police and Peace Officer’s Memorial Ribbon across social media sites, some changing their Facebook Profile pictures to the Ribbon. “As is well known, the ribbon is worn to honour a Police or Peace Officer who has died while serving their community” Monica explains, she goes on to say “as one can imagine, having this ribbon appear as a profile picture alarmed many spouses, especially since no public confirmation in the news or otherwise had been released”. As far as the group and the public knew, both officers were only injured. Monica continues saying, “speculation in this instance was awful as emotions were already high due to the terrible Moncton tragedy.” Once more news was released about the incident the RCMP community united to support one another. Monica wanted to understand why her fellow Spouses of the RCMP displayed the Mourning Ribbon across their social media sites. “Upon further conversations we learned that these spouses had done so in a show of support for Members of the RCMP” Monica recalls, she goes on to acknowledge that the use of the Mourning Ribbon in this circumstance unknowingly created tension within the group. However, from this came the realization that the RCMP does not have a ribbon or pin for the public to wear in a show of national support to injured members or for RCMP support in general. With that realization, Monica contacted the RCMP Foundation, and here began the journey to create the Official RCMP Support Ribbon.

    In recognition of the RCMP the Support Ribbon adorns the official RCMP colours, the iconic Stetson and badge, and the words “Red Serge Proud”. “All together, this combination is a wonderful representation of those who put their lives on the line every day to help keep us safe, at home and abroad. We can wear the ribbon as a show of respect, thankfulness or memory depending on each personal circumstance”. Monica Allen, Spouses of the RCMP

    The proceeds collected from the sale of the RCMP Support Ribbon will be going to the RCMP Remembrance Fund. “It is my hope that we can further shine a positive light on what the RCMP does for us, and continue to honour our fallen RCMP Members.” Monica Allen, Spouses of the RCMP

    Lapel pins measure approximately 3/4" (2cm).