Frequently asked questions

When will I receive my order?

Refer to your email confirmation. We have created customized email confirmations that correspond with specific delivery dates. If you don't see an email confirmation, please check your junk folder.

Do you have a physical store where I can try these on? I'm not sure which size to buy.

We are not a retail store.  All products are custom ordered to each order's specifications. We do not keep stock of items for any stores.

All products have individual sizing charts and how-to-measure guidelines. They're located inside the product's page, under the add to cart button. If you're still unsure which size to purchase, we recommend going up a size or purchasing the size that the majority of your current clothes are. This is only a suggestion as all items do not follow the same measuring guideline. Some items may be bigger or smaller depending on how the manufacturer designed the fit.

What's the difference between print, twill and embroidery?

"Printed", "twill" and "embroidered" are referring to the logo’s decoration process. When an item says «printed», it means the logo is put on the item using ink. When an item says “twill”, it means the logo is cut from fabric and sewn onto the item. When an item says “embroidered”, it means the logo is sewn directly into the fabric of the item.

If I don’t add a personalization to any of my items, can I get my order sooner?

If your order does not contain any personalization, it’s still considered a custom order. We don't keep stock of the items on this store. Each item is ordered blank and decorated in our warehouse, customized to your order’s specifications. All orders take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to complete.

What does supply chain issues mean?

Our company does not make any of the garments or products we offer, we decorate the clothing. When an order is placed, we collect the information and purchase the indicated items from suppliers. Sometimes these suppliers experience shortages or backorders, meaning they are out of stock. If your order contains a backorder, you will receive an email from a Gadar Promotions employee. They will inform you of the backorder, when it should be restocked and ask if you’d like to wait or cancel that specific item. 

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